Bever Control

AMV drilling rigs are the only rigs available in the market place that are equipped with the latest and most advanced computer systems from Bever Control. The systems are modular and the level of automation and a number of other functions such as service and m.w.d. can be adapted to suit the customer’s requirements. A separate service screen and a remote control panel, particularly useful for longhole drilling, can be supplied. Simplified navigation systems and round planning for complex road systems are features that none of the competing suppliers can offer. Full logging facilities including bolt drilling information is part of the Bever system. Advanced drifter control and anti-jamming systems, efficient rod handling system, combined with the robust design of the AMV drilling rigs gives longhole drilling capabilities unequalled by any other jumbo supplier. The Bever system can accept data from most road and tunnel planning systems. The Bever systems are Windows based with the advantages this offers, such as texting in different languages. 

The combination of advanced drilling rigs from AMV with the latest and most adaptable data systems from Bever Control, gives possibilities for efficient tunneling that no other suppliers can equal.