Tunnel rigs

AMV makes the most advanced and versatile bore rigs for tunnel operations on the market.

AMV provides rigs for all types of interfaces; the rigs as they present themselves today are the result of 40 years of co-operative development with Bever Control AS, a leading entrepreneurial company, and a proficient and innovative staff here at AMV.

All our rigs are supplied as full data rigs adapted to the market's strictest demands for Health, Environment and Safety. This means that AMV by our rigs maintain a leading-edge role, both in terms of operators' demands to driver safety and ergonomics, while also conscious of the outer environment according to current regulations.

The rigs of AMV are equipped with drilling machines from Montabert. Our collaboration with Montabert goes back to the early 1970's, when we started with hydraulic drilling machines. Our combination of reliable components and an efficient control system endures high operation rates and productivity with long service intervals.

AMV tunnel rigs are renowned for reliability, quality and low operations costs. In order to accommodate our customers based on their experiences, AMV offers customized solutions for each individual delivery. The combination of customized solutions and a well-functioning and comprehensive service offering makes AMV a preferred supplier to leading entrepreneurs.