Railing rigs

AMV is the biggest supplier of railing rigs to leading entrepreneurs in Norway. AMV has through 15 years of experience with these products developed a versatile platform on which we perform special adaptations for each individual customer.

AMV railing rigs are built according to the following general specifications:
  • Standard chassis 6x4, or according to customer specifications.
  • Hydraulically driven screw compressor with a capacity of 7m3/min -7bar
  • Complete hydraulic power pack.
  • Boom and feeders to strike hammer and drilling machine complete, proportionally controlled movements.
  • Hydraulic strike hammer
  • Winch system for pull-up of feeder pipe as well as one support leg for the strike hammer feeder.
  • Radio control for chassis and boom/feeder with necessary functions.
  • Drilling machine Montabert HC109
  • Auto-leveling of tower to vertical or programmed angle
  • Can-Bus control
  • Automatic feeding and return of drill and hammer
  • Central lubrication to strike hammer
  • Pile magazine according to customer specifications
General options that can also be supplied:
  • Trailer hitch 
  • Crane
  • Plow shear
  • Inverter 4 kW 230V
  • Heating element hydraulic tank
  • Can-Bus fault finding module