AMV 7450

AMV 7450 is made for bigger infrastructure projects where a larger tunnel cross section is used.

Components in AMV spray robots are built into a cabinet protecting them against the outside environment, while also providing easy access and cleaning.

The AMV 7450 is built according to the following general specifications:
  • The standard platform is built on a 6 x 4 chassis alternatively, the platform can be delivered on a 6 x 6 chassis. Or according to customer specifications.
  • Olin piston pump or Olin ball valve pump with central lubrication system.
  • Spray boom type AMV 7450, where all movements are proportionally controlled.
  • The spray boom is equipped with an environmental operator cab equipped with coarse and fine filters.
  • Hydraulic lift feature for concrete pump at the front of the chassis.
  • Hydraulic Power Pack, one circuit for concrete pump and one for boom functions.
  • Compressor with capacity of 17 m³ / min., 7.5 bar.
  • Hydraulically driven 16 kW generator 230V/50Hz.
  • Accelerator system for non-alkaline fluid, with plastic tank and Bornemann screw pump.
  • AMV AutoAdd dosage system for accelerator fluid, two systems.
  • Hydraulically driven high pressure washer with tube drum and pistol.
  • Filmo pressure tank with hose reel, hose and spray gun.
  • Can-Bus-based electronic control system.
  • Two support legs with lateral displacement.
  • Completely enclosed in container solution for simple cleaning and maintenance

General options that can also be supplied:
  • Extra accelerator line for water glass
  • Radio control for control of all movements
  • Sensor for temperature monitoring in concrete tub
  • Can-Bus Diagnostic pack
  • Regulation of pressure in accumulator on concrete pump

AMV spray robots can also be supplied without operator cab on request.

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