Work platforms

AMV delivers work platforms with different lift heights that can be built with the equipment which our customers require.

Standard elevations are:

  • 8.5 M
  • 10.5M
  • 13.0M
  • 17.5M

Work platforms can be delivered on carriers based on our customers' preferences. Our standard work platforms are built on truck chassis. Work platforms can be supplied with the following operation modes:

  • Diesel / Hydraulic
  • Electric / Hydraulic
  • Hybrid

Work platforms are delivered with compressor/generator for supply of air and electric power. The work platforms can be delivered with manual handling of all functions. The standard is radio control of all functions on the platform. The work platforms can also be delivered with “reco-drive” for remote-controlled moving of the chassis. Today's work platforms are built with a Can-Bus-based electronic control system. The machine is approved with type approval TKO no. 0572.

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